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“Garrett is without a doubt, the future start of remote drumming.”

“Enthusiastic, flexible and with a wonderful price! I am yet to meet him in person, but I already know that I want him working on my next project as well!”


This is a small collection of projects I have worked on in the past. I have tried my best to provide examples of many styles below.

(Alternative Rock) – Area Gray

(Folk/Indie Rock) – Useless Humans

(Metal Core) – Coventry Square

(Country Rock) – Bubba and the Boys

(Country Pop) – Bec Lavelle


Online drum recording, also referred to as remote drumming, has allowed me to work with many bands as far away as Ireland, Switzerland, and Australia. Here’s how it works: You send me a rough or complete version of your song recorded to a metronome, and then I’ll send you the song back with a rough version of drums mixed in. You can tell me about any changes you want made to the drumming and after you’re happy with what you hear I will record the drums for real.

After this I can send you both edited drum tracks that you can drop right into your song, and/or unedited drum tracks so you (or a different engineer) can mix the songs yourself.

While it may seem a little intimidating working with someone you have never met in person, I assure you I will always be on the other end of an email, phone, or skype call to listen to any questions, comments, or concerns you have about your songs and the recording process.

With over a decade of experience behind him Garrett is a highly sought after professional session drummer, performer, and drum instructor based out of Sacramento California. Garrett has professionally recorded and shared the stage with bands across a wide range of musical styles from Rock, Pop, and Metal, to Country, indie, and Worship. He can be seen frequently playing in the Sacramento area with many bands including Area Gray, Bubba and the Boys, Chad Bushnell, Removed, Red Pills, and at multiple churches in the Folsom area. In his spare time Garrett enjoys producing the Echoboomers Podcast and Hosting the Drum Instructors Podcast.
“Garrett is everything an overseas production is looking for! Enthusiastic, flexible and with a wonderful price! I am yet to meet him in person, but I already know that I want him working on my next project as well! Thanks Garrett!” -BEC LAVELLE (Multi Platinum Recording Artist, Australia)

“We have been searching for years for a drummer that can take our music to the next level; Garrett has surpassed all expectations. No matter what song, he approaches each track with the utmost professionalism and care. Garrett’s incredibly innovative playing displays both flair and nuance; he always seems to know exactly what we’re looking for. A player of tremendous skill and taste, he is the most adaptable drummer we have ever worked with. Garrett is without a doubt, the future start of remote drumming” -David James Garland, Useless Humans (In Ireland)

“I have hired Garrett as a session drummer for numerous recording projects and he is quite simply one of the best session drummers I have had the pleasure working with. His professionalism , focus and attitude to his work is outstanding. He is reliable, listens to what the client wants and always aims to meet deadlines. Garrett has become one of our go to guys for quality drum tracks and I highly recommend him for your next recording project”.
-Karen Waters, Red Rebel Music (Australia)

“I’ve had the pleasure of playing in two bands with Garrett. No matter what riff I showed him, he would improvise and play along with me instantly. This is coming from a guy who will play music that changes tempos, time signatures, and such constantly, but this fact never phases him. He is very knowledgeable in theory and adapts his playing to anything. In general he is a very tight drummer and is open to anything musically. You can’t go wrong when choosing him.” -Sean Dougan, Ember Beside Us, Coventry Square (United States)

“Garrett’s a great drummer and I would highly recommend him to anyone!” -Matt W, Manager, Lace & Lead Band (United States)

“Garrett holds tight to the pocket, communicates well with other band members, and exhibits a very professional attitude” – Clarence Hensel, The Sad Juciees (United States)

“Garrett is a brilliant drummer very easy to work with and very flexible. Drum sound fantastic and he is very tight. I can only recommend him.” – Forbes4 (Switzerland)

“Garrett is hard working and prepared. He truly comes to serve! I would recommend him for your project, but I’d rather keep him for myself!” -Nate Smith, Grammy Nominated Songwriter/Worship Director at Hillside Church (United States)

I have pricing options available for all musicians from hobbyists to professionals. You can see these options below. Pricing however can vary based on length, genre, editing needs, and studio location. I have to locations that I record out of depending on the artists needs.

Professional Drum Recording: Professionally recorded/mixed at FatCat Studios, tracked in a 32×23 live room with professional grade close mics, overheads, and room microphones into a state of the art audio interface and outboard gear.

Demo Drum Recording: Recorded/mixed in my practice space with consumer grade close mics and overhead microphones into 2 Presonus Firestudios. This package generally fits the needs of hobbyists and is generally affordable for most artists.

If you would like to request a quote for your project you can do so by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Are you ready to give your songs new life? Ditch the drum machine and contact a real drummer.

Please leave me a message if you are interested in having me drum for you. I would appreciate as much information as you can give about the project. I try my best to get back to all messages within 24 hours.

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